PMBOK 6 Tools and Techniques

PMBOK 6 Tools and Techniques

PMBOK 6th Edition refers to the following 65 broad techniques to manage a project. If you detail these 65 tools and techniques then you may easily end with a list of 200+ tools and techniques. For example, if you detail the “Data Analysis” tool and technique then you will have another list of 27 Tools and Techniques of Data Analysis.

#Tools & Technique# of Times Used
2Agile Release Planning1
3Analogous Estimating3
5Bidder Conferences1
6Bottom-Up Estimating3
7Change Control Tools1
8Claims Administration1
10Communication Methods2
11Communication Models1
12Communication Requirements Analysis1
13Communication Skills3
14Communication Technology3
15Context Diagram1
16Contingent Response Strategies1
17Cost Aggregation1
18Critical Path Method2
19Data Analysis32
20Data Gathering13
21Data Representation11
22Decision Making13
24Dependency Determination And Integration1
25Design For X1
26Expert Judgement35
28Funding Limit Reconciliation1
29Ground Rules1
30Historical Information Review1
31Individual And Team Assessments1
32Information Management1
34Interpersonal And Team Skills20
35Knowledge Management1
36Leads And Lags3
38Organizational Theory1
39Parametric Estimating3
41Precedence Diagramming Method1
42Problem Solving2
43Product Analysis1
44Project Management Information System12
45Project Reporting1
46Prompt Lists1
48Quality Improvement Methods1
49Recognition And Rewards1
50Representations Of Uncertainty1
51Resource Optimization2
52Risk Categorization1
53Rolling Wave Planning1
54Schedule Compression2
55Schedule Network Analysis1
56Source Selection Analysis1
57Strategies For Opportunities1
58Strategies For Overall Project Risk1
59Strategies For Threats1
60Test And Inspection Planning1
61Testing/Product Evaluations1
62Three-Point Estimating2
63To-Complete Performance Index1
65Virtual Teams2

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