Input-Output List of PMBOK6

Input-output of a process can be a subsidiary plan, status (like Approved Change Request ), or project document. Below is the list of input-output name and their frequency of use in PMBOK 6th edition. The frequency of a document below shows the number of times that document is used/modified/created across different processes.

Input/Output Name# of Process Used
1Accepted Deliverables2
2Activity Attributes1
3Activity List1
5Approved Change Requests4
6Assumption Log1
7Basis Of Estimates3
8Bid Documents1
9Business Documents6
10Change Requests25
11Closed Procurements1
12Communications Management Plan1
13Cost Baseline1
14Cost Estimates1
15Cost Forecasts1
16Cost Management Plan1
18Duration Estimates1
19Enterprise Environmental Factors40
20Enterprise Environmental Factors Updates3
21Final Product, Service, Or Result Transition1
22Final Report1
23Independent Cost Estimates1
24Issue Log1
25Lessons Learned Register1
26Make-Or-Buy Decisions1
27Milestone List1
28Organizational Process Assets47
29Organizational Process Assets Updates10
30Outputs From Other Processes1
31Physical Resource Assignments1
32Procurement Documentation4
33Procurement Documentation Updates1
34Procurement Management Plan1
35Procurement Statement Of Work1
36Procurement Strategy1
37Project Calendars1
38Project Charter15
39Project Communications1
40Project Documents43
41Project Documents Update1
42Project Documents Updates38
43Project Funding Requirements2
44Project Management Plan48
45Project Management Plan Updates26
46Project Schedule1
47Project Schedule Network Diagrams1
48Project Scope Statement1
49Project Team Assignments1
50Quality Control Measurements1
51Quality Management Plan1
52Quality Metrics1
53Quality Reports1
54Requirements Documentation1
55Requirements Management Plan1
56Requirements Traceability Matrix1
57Resource Breakdown Structure1
58Resource Calendars1
59Resource Management Plan1
60Resource Requirements1
61Risk Management Plan1
62Risk Register1
63Risk Report1
64Schedule Baseline1
65Schedule Data1
66Schedule Forecasts1
67Schedule Management Plan1
68Scope Baseline1
69Scope Management Plan1
70Selected Sellers1
71Seller Proposals1
72Source Selection Criteria1
73Stakeholder Engagement Plan1
74Stakeholder Register1
75Team Charter1
76Team Performance Assessments2
77Test And Evaluation Documents1
78Verified Deliverables2
79Work Performance Data11
80Work Performance Information11
81Work Performance Reports5

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