Analytical Techniques

Analytical Techniques Due to environmental factors, a project execution may vary from the plan. It is the project manager’s responsibility to identify the amount of variance in comparison to the original plan, determine the root cause, and forecast potential outcomes considering the amount of variance and environmental variables. This work is called “Analytical Techniques”. In…

Data Analysis

Data Analysis Data Analysis is a tool and technique used in 32 out of 49 processes (PMBOK 6th Edition). Based no the process name and context in which process is being applied it can mean any of the following or multiple tools simultaneously. Data Analysis is Tool and Techniques of Following Processes

Data Gathering

Data Gathering Data Gathering is a tool and technique used by the project team. Based on the process name and process context it can mean any of the following. Data Gathering tool and technique is used by project team during following proceses.

Data Representation

Data Representation Data Representation is a tool and technique used in 11 processes (PMBOK6). Based on the process name, context of the process it can mean any of the following techniques. Data Representation is tool and technique of following processes

Decision Making

Decision Making Decision-making tool & technique is used for prioritization/ranking of actions/ requirements/ alternatives etc. This tool and technique is used in the following processes of PMBOK6. Primarily there are two main techniques of making decision.

Expert Judgement

Expert Judgement

Expert Judgement PMBOK is an industry-agnostic project management standard. PMBOK 6th Edition defines 49 processes to manage a project. Every process has defined input, output, . But we know that the tools and techniques required to manage a project also depend upon the industry for which we are doing a project. To do the industry-specific…

Interpersonal and Team Skills

Interpersonal and Team Skills “Interpersonal and Team Skills” is one of the most powerful tools and techniques of a project manager. This is used in 20 processes of PMBOK 6th Edition. PMBOK standard expects a project manager to be aware of these techniques and practice them effectively whenever the of these arises in a project…


Meetings Meetings with stakeholders help us understand their viewpoint which is critical for making decisions. There are different types of meeting in a project. Whenever PMBOK is referring to Meeting as a tool and technique it may be any of the following meetings. F2F Virtual Formal Informal Standup Meeting Kickoff Meetings Adhoc Meeting Review Meeting…

Project Management Information System

Project Management Information System   Project Management Information System (PMIS) Tools & Technique can be any software or physical system used to manage the project information. If your project is extremely simple and small duration then your project diary can serve the purpose. But when a project becomes larger, complex, and involves multiple stakeholders, multiple…

Variance Analysis

Variance Analysis Variance analysis is a technique for determining the cause and degree of difference between the baseline and actual performance. Project performance measurement metrics are used to assess the magnitude of variation from the original scope baseline. Useful Links Variance Analysis