CMMI Version 1.3

CMMI Version 1.3 (Summary)

CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integrated. CMMI Version 1.3 came into the market in November 2010. This version has three constellations and they apply to the acquisition, services, and software development industry. CMMI has 4 maturity stages starting from Level 2 to Level 5. Level 1 is considered a natural stage of any organization. In level 2 there are 14 process areas, level 3 there are 21 process areas, level 4 there are 3 process areas, and level 5 there are 2 process areas. But these are the totals of process areas for all constellations. If you are applying for software development then you need not work upon acquisition and services related process areas. In the table below “Y” means for a particular constellation that process area is applicable and “N” means it is not applicable. For example “AM” at maturity level 2 is not applicable for Software Development and Services.

Acronyms mentioned are given by the SEI. Each process area has specific goals called SG and each specific goal has specific practices SP. During CMMI assessment for a particular constellation and maturity level assessor checks whether all the SG and SP of related process areas are implemented, not implemented, or partially implemented. Apart from this, there are 10 generic goals (GG) and each generic goal has certain generic practices (GP). GG and GP apply to all the process areas of the maturity level your organization being assessed for. For example, if your organization unit is Gurgaon getting assessed for CMMI Level 3 for Development then all the Process Areas of Development at Level 3 at Gurgaon Location need to implement SG, SP along with GG2, GG3, GP2, GP3. If any of the goals are missed then you are given an opportunity to fix the problem and reply for the reassessment. Maturity assessment certificate issued once is valid for 3 years. At the end of 3 years certificate expires automatically and you need to apply for reassessment. During this 3 years period anytime a surprise assessment can be conducted by SEI through their Assessment Partners. If you fail in the surprise assessment then your certificate is revoked or you are given a time frame to fix the gaps.

If you are a product company then instead of going for maturity model you can apply for capability model. There are 5 level of capabilities of each process area. When you apply for CMMI assessment you need to tell SEI the names of process areas you want your capability should be assessed for.

Maturity Level 2 – Managed
AM – Agreement ManagementYNN
ARD – Acquisition Requirements DevelopmentYNN
CM – Configuration ManagementYYY
MA – Measurement and AnalysisYYY
PP – Project PlanningYNY
PPQA – Process and Product Quality AssuranceYNY
REQM – Requirements ManagementYYY
PMC – Project Monitoring and ControlYNY
SSAD – Solicitation and Supplier Agreement DevelopmentYNN
SAM – Supplier Agreement ManagementNYY
WMC – Work Monitoring and ControlNYN
WP – Work PlanningNYN
PPQA – Process and Product Quality AssuranceNYN
SD – Service DeliveryNYN
Maturity Level 3 – Defined
RSKM – Risk ManagementYYY
OPD – Organizational Process DefinitionYYY
OPF – Organizational Process FocusYYY
OT – Organizational TrainingYYY
DAR – Decision Analysis and ResolutionYYY
IPM – Integrated Project ManagementYNY
ATM – Acquisition Technical ManagementYNN
AVAL – Acquisition ValidationYNN
AVER – Acquisition VerificationYNN
CAM – Capacity and Availability ManagementNYN
IRP – Incident Resolution and PreventionNYN
IWM – Integrated Work ManagementNYN
SCON – Service ContinuityNYN
SSD – Service System DevelopmentNYN
SST – Service System TransitionNYN
STSM – Strategic Service ManagementNYN
PI – Product IntegrationNNY
RD – Requirements DevelopmentNNY
TS – Technical SolutionNNY
VAL – ValidationNNY
VER – VerificationNNY
Maturity Level 4 – Quantitatively Managed
OPP – Organizational Process PerformanceYYY
QPM – Quantitative Project ManagementYNY
QWM – Quantitative Work ManagementNYN
Maturity Level 5 – Optimizing
CAR – Causal Analysis and ResolutionYYY
OPM – Organizational Performance ManagementYYY


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