Agile Practices

#Agile Practices Reference and Detail of the Practice
1Product Vision / Vision Statement Scrum Alliance   James Shore  
2Product Backlog Scrum AllianceMountain Goat     
3User StoriesWikiScrum Alliance CunninghamAgile Modelling XP 
4Use CasesWiki  CunninghamAgile Modelling XP 
5Usage Scenarios    Agile Modelling   
6PersonasWiki   Agile Modelling   
7Planning PokerWiki       
8Requirement PrioritizationWiki   Agile Modelling   
10Architectural Spikes / Spike Solutions   Cunningham  XP 
11Domain Driven DesignWiki      Industrial XP
12Emergent Design / Evolutionary DesignWiki  Cunningham   Industrial XP
13CRC CardsWiki   Agile Modelling XP 
14Design by ContractWiki       
15System Metaphor      XP 
17Coding Style / Coding Guidelines / Coding StandardWiki    James Shore Industrial XP
18Test Driven DevelopmentWiki  Cunningham  XP 
19Behavior Driven DevelopmentWiki       
20Pair-Programming / PairingWiki  Cunningham James ShoreXPIndustrial XP
21RefactoringWiki  Cunningham  XPIndustrial XP
22Collective Code Ownership   Cunningham James ShoreXPIndustrial XP
23Daily Builds / Automated Builds / Ten-Minute BuildsWiki    James Shore  
24Continuous IntegrationWiki  Cunningham James ShoreXPIndustrial XP
25Code Reviews / Peer ReviewsWiki       
26Software Metrics / Code Metrics & AnalysisWiki       
27Source Control / Version ControlWiki    James Shore  
28Issue Tracking / Bug TrackingWiki       
29Configuration ManagementWiki       
30Frequent Delivery / Frequent Releases   Cunningham  XPIndustrial XP
32Unit TestingWiki     XP 
33Smoke Testing / Build Verification TestWiki       
34Integration TestingWiki       
35System TestingWiki       
36Exploratory TestingWiki       
37Test AutomationWikiScrum Alliance      
38Storytesting / Acceptance Criteria / Acceptance TestingWiki  CunninghamAgile Modelling XPIndustrial XP
40Timeboxing / Fixed Sprints / Fixed Iteration LengthWiki     XP 
41Release Planning   Cunningham James ShoreXP 
42Iteration Planning / Planning Game / Sprint PlanningWikiScrum AllianceMountain GoatCunningham James ShoreXPIndustrial XP
43Sprint Backlog Scrum AllianceMountain Goat     
44Task Board Scrum AllianceMountain Goat     
45Definition of Done / Done Done Scrum Alliance   James Shore  
46Daily Stand-up Meeting / Daily ScrumWikiScrum AllianceMountain GoatCunningham James ShoreXP 
47Velocity      XP 
48Sprint Review / Iteration Demo Scrum AllianceMountain Goat  James Shore  
49Value Stream MappingWiki       
50Root Cause Analysis / 5 WhysWiki    James Shore  
51Burn Down Charts / Burn Up ChartsWikiScrum AllianceMountain Goat     
52Big Visible Charts / Information Radiators     James Shore  
53Retrospective / Reflection WorkshopWikiScrum Alliance   James Shore Industrial XP
55Small Team       Industrial XP
56Cross-Functional TeamWiki       
57Self-Organizing Team / Scrum Team  Mountain Goat     
58Colocated Team / Sitting Together / Common WorkspaceWikiScrum Alliance Cunningham James Shore Industrial XP
59On-Site Customer / Product Owner Scrum AllianceMountain GoatCunningham James Shore  
60Scrum Master Scrum AllianceMountain Goat     
61Sustainable Pace       Industrial XP
62Move People Around      XP 
63Scrum of Scrums Scrum Alliance      

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